domingo, 21 de junho de 2009

* ooops!

ATC for Thank God It's Friday
TGiF N° 90 - Secrets
(photo from Pring Hill Studio & elements by Maya and Lie Fhung)
Don't trust in Fortune Tellers!
They can tell your secrets to someone else...

9 comentários:

  1. oh what a wonderful piece!!! I love all the details....

  2. Woooooow this is wonderful.
    What a dream. Love them.

    Thanks Luisa for your secret on TGiF.

  3. What good advice! I love your "Secrets" picture, Luisa. The image is gorgeous and the idea behind it is so creative and beautifully illustrated. Great work.

  4. Love it! We are always duped by those fortune tellers! Even one as gorgeous as this!

  5. Brilliant work, Luisa.
    I love your take on the theme.

  6. You have been awarded the One Lovely Blog Award! Come visit my blog to accept your award! Happy day!

  7. Wonderful! When clicking on your piece I discovered a playing card: woman of hearts. Also like the key a lot. Beautiful!!