sábado, 23 de maio de 2009

* from the sea, from the air...

ATC for Shell Challenge at Awfully Big Art Adventure
A freebie image from Outsider-Artists
Other photos from Stock Xchange
(I was thinking... Probably, "Birth of Venus", Botticelli's famous painting, was coming to my mind when I was creating this layout some hours ago... But I didn't notice! So the title could be "Birth of Beauty"...) :)

13 comentários:

  1. Gorgeous!

    So glad to see are back! I missed you!

  2. Luisa! You really ARE back!! We hadn't seen you since Christmas but now you are creating beautiful pictures again and I am so glad to see you on your blog. This picture is gorgeous.

  3. I really like this Luisa - such a great idea to use the Botticelli theme. Thank you for taking part in the challenge.

  4. Wow, you've created a lovely ethereal atmosphere with your use of colour and lighting, I love the falling pearls. Really beautiful.

  5. This is simply beautiful! Well done!

  6. Hi Luisa, This is Gorgeous, I posted mine too first time with this one!

  7. another amazing creation Luisa! I enjoy everything you create, you have a deep and special way of looking at things!

  8. I love it! The piece has a dreamy feel and a vintage look, and such a different take on the theme too! Great work and thanks for taking up our challenge!
    Rosie ABAA

  9. Hi Louisa,

    Unfortunately, I do not speak Portuguese and I am using a translator for my short texts in English. So yes, we accept for the digital home blog challenges "In my house there is a. ..", just say so.
    Thank you very much for your visit and perhaps soon.

    Infelizmente, eu não falam Português e estou usando um tradutor para meus pequenos textos em Inglês. Então sim, nós aceitamos para a casa digital blog desafios "Na minha casa há a. ..", é só dizer.
    Muito obrigado pela sua visita, e talvez em breve.